Frequently asked questions

Why should I drink I am water, when all water tastes the same?

It’s typical for people to think that all waters taste the same. This is mostly because people are used to drink tap water or they simply don't drink enough to notice the difference. This is a big misconception and arguments start between friends and family because some think it does taste the same and others not. Try drinking I am water for just 7 days tops without drinking from the tap, and we guarantee you'll notice the difference and how the minerals (which we'll mention again below) change the "aftertaste", how your mouth actually feels more hydrated than when you drink tap water or other bottled waters.

What does "untouched by humans" mean?

This means that, because the spring water is so pure to begin with, we do not need to filter any minerals or contamination. The water flows from 1410 meters high in the mountains, through the pipe, the machine and directly into the bottle.

Are the plastic bottles safe to reuse? What about the environment?

No. You should not overuse a plastic bottle to avoid the risk of bacterial contamination after the bottle is opened. To reduce the pollution of the environment you must always recycle the bottles. We recommend that you collect all the used bottles and send them to the recycling center. There should always be one near you.

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